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Philosophy of Physics

Funded Research Projects

CoordinatorTitleFunding byDuration granted (months)Amount
Cuffaro, Michael Carl Friedrich von Siemens Research Fellowship for Experienced Researchers AvH 9 *
Curiel, Erik Gravity, the Quantum and Thermodynamics: The Crossroads of Contemporary Theoretical Physics and Philosophy of Physics




Curiel, Erik Conference Funding: The Second Law of Thermodynamics DFG - 12.800
Dawid, Richard Non-Empirical Theory Confirmation AvH 36 258.400
Dewar, Neil Category Theory in Philosophy of Science DFG 24 36.106
Dewhurst, Joseph Edmund Conference Funding: Alternative Approaches to Scientific Realism DFG - 12.800
Esfeld, Michael Research Award AvH 10 60.000
Fletcher, Samuel C. TMIRP ERC 24 161.968,80
Frigg, Roman Friedrich Wilhelm Bessel Research Award AvH 12 45.000
Hahn, Ulrike Anneliese Maier Research Award AvH 60 250.000
Hartmann, Stephan The Universe as an Open System DFG 24 226.550
Hartmann, Stephan Conference Funding: ECAP 9: European Congress of Analytic Philosophy DFG - 41.480
Hartmann, Stephan Trilaterale Forschungskonferenzen in der Villa Vigoni: Rationalité
Humaine: Les Point de Vue Probabilistes
DFG 12 24.000
Hartmann, Stephan Alexander von Humboldt Professorship AvH 72 3.500.000
King, Martin Deep Learning in Particle Physics: a Philosophical Analysis DFG 36 312.150
Leitgeb, Hannes Alexander von Humboldt Professorship AvH 72 3.500.000
Lutz, Sebastian Conference Funding: Semantics of Scientific Theories DFG - 22.000
Morrison, Margaret Carl Friedrich von Siemens Research Award AvH 8 65.000
Rédei, Miklós Research Award AvH 12 65.000
Reutlinger, Alexander Emergence and Laws of Nature Durham Emergence Project 24 *
Valente, Giovanni Carl Friedrich von Siemens Research Fellowship AvH 18 *
Wolff, Jo Carl Friedrich von Siemens Research Fellowship AvH 14 *

* = Information not public.
Green marked research projects are ongoing, all other research projects have been completed.