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PhD Students

The doctorate (Dr. phil.) serves to demonstrate the ability of the doctoral student to perform original and in-depth academic research and is based on a written dissertation (doctoral thesis), conducted independently, and, finally, a defense of the dissertation. The core element of the doctorate is the doctoral thesis or dissertation. The topic of the dissertation is agreed upon with the candidate’s academic supervisor. The student then produces the dissertation as a piece of independent research, which serves to demonstrate the new academic knowledge gained during the doctoral project. At the MCMP, such a dissertation prepared in the form of an individual project, supervised by one of our authorized examiners. If you are interested the MCMP accepts applications from the following fields of research:

  • Epistemology
  • Logic
  • Philosophy of Science
  • Philosophy of Physics
  • Decision Theory and Philosophy of Social Science
  • Philosophy of Language
  • Philosophy of Mathematics

The prerequisite for admission as a doctoral student is, as a rule, an excellent degree in a relevant subject from a university or an equivalent institution of higher education. The MCMP accepts applicants with a master degree in philosophy.

To apply for doctoral studies at the MCMP and to propose your individual project to one of our authorized examiners please send your application to if your interest lies in logic and philosophy of language. If you want to work on the field of philosophy of science, please send it to Your application should include:

  • a cover letter that addresses why you want to do your PhD at the MCMP, your academic background, your research interests and the proposed starting date
  • a CV
  • a list of publications (if applicable)
  • BA and (if applicable) MA certificates
  • a sample of written work of no more than 3000 words
  • and a description of the planned PhD-project of about 2000 words

Applicants who have not finished their master degree at the time of the application have to provide evidence that they will have their master degree in hand at the proposed project starting date.

Funded positions for doctoral students are announced on our website when available. We also support applications to funding institutions.

General information on doctoral studies at LMU can be found on the website of the GraduateCenter.