Munich Center for Mathematical Philosophy (MCMP)

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Applications will be considered on a rolling basis from November 1st, 2023 until June 10th, 2024. We highly encourage students to apply early on. Applicants will receive an admissions decision no later than by the end of June 2024.

The application procedure includes:

  • Procedure (A) with the MCMP (required for all applicants)
  • Procedure (B) with the LMU’s International Office (required only for international applicants)

Procedure (A) – with the MCMP (required for all applicants):

Please submit your application via our online application tool. Please provide a personal email address (for the login credentials and the application form) that will be valid at least until November 2024.
Other forms of submission will not be considered. The application can be repeated once in case of rejection.

You may submit your application until June 10th, 2024.

To apply, please make sure to submit the following documents as PDF files:

  1. A cover letter of 1-2 pages in which you explain why you would like to join our MA program and what qualifications you have to do so.
  2. A CV (including, among others things, the list of courses you have taken as an undergraduate).
  3. A copy of your transcript of records documenting your previous studies and degree(s) that are required to be equivalent to at least 150 ECTS, with an average grade of 2.0 or better. If your transcript is in neither German nor English, please make sure to submit a separate document (in English or German) explaining the meaning of your grades.
  4. A writing sample in English on a topic in the focus of the Master program in Logic and Philosophy of Science. You may submit a term paper, a part of your undergraduate thesis, a published paper, or any other piece of writing that indicates your ability to understand, criticize, and develop philosophical arguments. A writing sample should not exceed 15 pages.
  5. Proof of English language proficiency (we accept only Cambride Certificate, IELTS, TOEFL) of at least Level C1 (or higher), if your first language is not English. An English waiver can be granted if you have earned your first (or previous) degree in a program that has been taught in English.
  6. Please ask two referees to send a confidential letter of recommendation on official letterhead as a pdf file to, with your full name as the subject. You will be notified when the two letters have arrived.
  7. Students who are admitted to our MA program are required to obtain a certificate in a basic German course of Level A1 (of the “Gemeinsame Europäischer Referenzrahmen für Sprachen”) until the end of the first year of their studies in the MA program. It is, of course, also possible to satisfy this require before starting the MA program in Munich.

Procedure (B) – with the International Office (required only for international applicants):

International applicants must also apply at the International Office. The deadline for the winter term is July 15th. Waiting for our acceptance letter is not necessary and might not leave you enough time to provide all the necessary documents for your application at the International Office, so we encourage you to start the application process as soon as possible.

Please follow the instructions given on the site of the International Office.

Note that international applicants are admitted to the Master program only if they have been accepted by both, the MCMP – procedure (A) – and the International Office – Procedure (B). The letter of admission issued by the international office will tell you where and when to register. The enrollment period usually starts in mid-September. Here too we recommend to start the process early in order to be registered in time when the semester starts in October.