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The mentoring relationship is designed as a tandem between an experienced scientist (mentor) and a young female academic or student (mentee). For mentees in the post-doctoral or habilitation phase, the professors and private lecturers from Faculty 10 are available as mentors; for mentees in the study or doctoral phase, the post-doctoral researchers (Postdoktorand:innen, Habilitand:innen or Akademische Rät:innen) from Faculty 10 are available as mentors. Mentees are asked to approach the respective mentors they would like to have for their mentoring.

In confidential one-on-one meetings, the mentees can discuss individual topics with their mentors and benefit from their wealth of experience and networks. They receive individual support in strategic career planning in the academic field. The female scientists can sharpen their leadership and scientific profile and develop out their career-relevant skills.

In addition to this personal exchange, the mentees are encouraged to promote inter-faculty networking by organising regular (semester/kick-off). There they can exchange their experiences, support each other and form peer groups. At the same time, the mentees are encouraged to use these meetings to formulate their wishes and needs for individual support measures to compensate for structural disadvantages they are experiencing. In addition, there is the possibility to propose and invite professional coaches for lectures or workshops.

Application for new admission to the mentoring program is possible at any time. Detailed information on the required documents and the application process is available here.

Program Opportunities

The program runs for one year at a time. An informal extension is possible.

During the funding period, mentees can lend a limited number of laptops for personal use.

Furthermore, mentees can participate in the following events:

  • Events of the LMU Mentoring Programme by the Women's Representative: The LMU Women's Representative offers a variety of cross-faculty events as part of the LMU Mentoring Program.
  • LMU-EXTRA: For further qualification, mentees can participate in the events of the LMU-EXTRA program of the Women's Representative.
  • LMU Center for Leadership and People Management: The LMU's internal Center for Leadership and People Management offers a seminar program with a wide range of topics that mentees can take advantage of.

Funding Opportunities

Depending on personal circumstances and funding guidelines, mentees in the doctoral, post-doctoral or habilitation phase can apply for financial resources to compensate for individual structural disadvantages. The faculty promotes a culture of diversity and equal opportunities among its members and therefore strongly encourages participation in the regular application rounds. Detailed information on possible types of funding and the application process, as well as application deadlines, can be found here.